AACE has considerable experience and capability delivering technical and quality assurance.  We have several trained and highly experienced Lead Auditors who have the management and technical experience not only to deliver objective audits but also to recommend effective solutions to address any audit findings.

AACE has undertaken audits in the form of “health checks” to assess compliance against the Military Aviation Authority Regulatory Publications (MRP) and have undertaken compliance audits for many Delivery Teams within defence against ISO9001.

AACE auditors have also undertaken numerous audits outside the MOD.  Audits have included assessment against the current standards of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, AS9100, AS9110, AS9120, and BS27001.  Following such audits AACE has provided management consultancy to assist implementation of continuous improvement to address deficiencies.  These have included the implementation of risk management systems and advice on the definition of business context.

AACE also has experience of BS27001 and has internally developed systems compliant with and certified to Cyber Essentials+.  In conjunction with our IT Service provider and Cyber Essential auditors, we can deliver IT security techniques and information security management systems.

Within technical assurance we have assisted clients achieve certification to MRP 145, EASA 145 and 21 maintenance standards and in some cases have developed management systems to support compliance and change programmes to ensure that the new processes and practices become effective. As well as examples in aviation and defence, we have supported the delivery of technical assurance within the rail and the medical equipment sectors.

AACE provides expert people who deploy their professional, technical and project know-how to improve business planning and decision-making. Delivering on time and on budget, they use their extensive military and civil experience to enhance business delivery through staff development, specialist knowledge transfer, performance benchmarking, studies and assessments.


With our experienced team of subject matter experts, we are committed to helping public sector organisations, as well as manufacturers and service providers in aerospace and defence and other safety critical industries, to improve safety, effectiveness and efficiency, without sacrificing flexibility or limiting strategic advantage

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