AACE has a team of expert technical authors and illustrators, who can create, manage, revise and maintain all of your publication needs. Our quality assurance processes ensure the provision of credible, baselined and configuration controlled publications and documents. Our team are experienced users of all the software tools required, including Microsoft Office, OmniPage (Optical Character Recognition), IsoDraw CAD Process, Corel and Photoshop.

For new equipment, we can create publications for training, operation, support and maintenance. We also create service bulletins, instructions and maintenance notices from original source data.  AACE can also continue to maintain your publications, reviewing and updating them through life, ensuring clear configuration control.

Our experienced illustrators will produce drawings, illustrations or photographs to the highest standards. Illustrated Parts Catalogues are regularly required by clients and by utilising CAD models, original drawings, collaboration with designers or working with the actual equipment, a detailed and logical representation will be produced.

To convert your publications to the required structure and format, we also provide a complete, quality assured reformatting and digitising service, working from any digital format or legacy printed publications.

These services have been delivered to all equipment sectors (air, land, maritime and joint), in both the defence and civil environments.  Publications and documents can be produced in any format which the customer specifies, including:  Air Publications (APs); Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs); Books of Reference (BRs); technical instructions/bulletins; schematics; user manuals; operating instructions; training guides; software user guides etc.

Our technical publications department also offers:

NATO codification

MOD and NATO policy dictates all items procured are to be allocated a NATO Stock Number (NSN). This is a fundamental requirement to get your product into the supply chain and will aid your export sales.

We are approved users of the Codification Support Information System (CSIS) and can process and submit codification requests.

We can also process commercial codification requests. This is the provision of a NATO stock number(s) to UK companies that want to have their items codified but are not sponsored by MOD but by a NATO partner via NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency). We offer this as a chargeable service to industry as an aid to marketing and sales of their products: i.e. some foreign governments require NATO stock numbers (NSN’s) allocated to products before they will purchase them or add them to their inventories.

Optical Character Recognition services (OCR)

Do you have a PDF document you want to extract the text from or a hard copy document you wish to digitise and edit? We can use OCR software and our expertise to reformat it to your specifications.

Bespoke Templates

We have an expert team of word operators who can create bespoke complex templates for any technical publication requirement.

Document formatting

Do you have a document that’s formatting has gone wrong and you don’t know how to fix it? This issue can take hours even days to rectify, if at all. Our qualified team of Microsoft experts can quickly re format your document making sure all the functions including, table of contents, fig references and hyperlinks are all working correctly.

Defence and industry standards

We comply with a wide range of publication standards including

AESP 0100-Series – Army Equipment Support Publications System.

ASD S1000D Services.

Defence Logistics Framework.

Def Stan 00-56 Defence Systems Safety Management Requirements.

Def Stan 00-600 Integrated Logistics Support.

MIL-STD-1388 – Integrated Logistics Support.

MIL-STD-3001 –Preparation of Digital Technical Information for Multi-Output Presentation of Technical Manuals (Standard Practice).

MIL-STD-38784 – Technical Manuals. General Style and Format Requirements. (Standard Practice)

MIL-DTL-81927C – Technical Manuals. Work Package Style, Format, and Common Technical Content Requirements; General Specification for (Work Package Concept).

AACE can produce many document formats including:

Military specific Publications

Air Publications (AP)

Army Equipment Support Publications (AESP)

Books of Reference (BR)

All the categories below apply to a full AESP OCTADS. A selection of these also apply to APs and BRs and can be tailored to commercial documents.

Purpose and Planning Information

Equipment Support Policy Directives

Operating Information

Aide Memoire

Training Aids

Technical Description

Installation Instructions

Specific Installation Instruction applicable to changing the function of the equipment for a specific task.

Preparation for Special Environments

Failure Diagnosis

Repair Instructions

Inspection Standards

Calibration Procedures

Maintenance Schedules

Illustrated Parts Catalogues

Illustrated Parts Catalogue

Commercial Parts Lists

Complete Equipment Schedule, Production

Complete Equipment Schedule, Service Edition (Simple Equipment)

Complete Equipment Schedule, Service Edition (Complex Equipment)

Modification Instructions

General Instructions, Special Technical

Instructions and Servicing Instructions

Commercial publications include

Bespoke manuals

Data Sheets

Maintenance Manuals

Operator Instructions

Parts Catalogues

Repair Manuals

Software Reference Manuals

User Guides


Exploded (utilising customer CAD model for accuracy using Arbortext CAD Process)

Wiring diagrams

Photo retouching and tracing.

Conventional line

Cut away


Please let us know what your specific requirements are and we shall be pleased to tailor and deliver a cost effective solution.


AACE provides expert people who deploy their professional, technical and project know-how to improve business planning and decision-making. Delivering on time and on budget, they use their extensive military and civil experience to enhance business delivery through staff development, specialist knowledge transfer, performance benchmarking, studies and assessments.


With our experienced team of subject matter experts, we are committed to helping public sector organisations, as well as manufacturers and service providers in aerospace and defence and other safety critical industries, to improve safety, effectiveness and efficiency, without sacrificing flexibility or limiting strategic advantage

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