Since the Defence Industry mandated Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) / Integrated Product Support (IPS) as its core procurement and support management framework for all large Defence projects, AACE has been closely engaged in the ILS transformational journey. We continue to assist the MOD and wider industry in maximising the benefits from managing their products, systems and services with an ILS/IPS and optimised Through Life Support (TLS) approach.

AACE has demonstrable experience delivering ILS/IPS and through-life support services to the MOD, from influencing the product design to developing the most cost-effective support solution.  We have delivered this workstream for whole aircraft, to system elements of land equipment; ranging from weeks of work for a single expert to teams of ILS specialists deployed to support a programme over many years.

ILS methodology spans the through life acquisition phases, from Concept to Disposal.  AACE has the capability to deliver all of the elements that interlink to form a complete integrated support solution. TLS focuses on the implementation of the ILS products as a series of services to support the product whilst in-use; maximising the availability of the product, optimising maintenance and minimising inventory. 



AACE has a close working knowledge of the ILS elements and activities required for defence products, developing best-practice strategies as the MOD procurement and supportability guidance has evolved.

Our teams have extant working knowledge and current experience utilising the policy and guidance governing acquisition and the delivery of Defence projects such as Knowledge in Defence (KiD) and the Support Solutions Envelope (SSE) that provides the underpinning guide and signposts to MOD policy, tools and advice. AACE has demonstrable experience in developing cost-effective, coherent support solutions and providing integrated logistic support services throughout the life of a project.

We provide our customers with experienced ILS Managers and Practitioners that are fully conversant with the current ILS methodology, processes and task element outputs. Our experienced supportability professionals can design and develop your ILS/IPS Programme requirements and deliverables, in line with the relevant mandated policy or guidance. This experience can be tailored to meet your specific defence programme requirements and support the delivery of integrated support tasks in the land, air and maritime domains.

AACE can provide experienced professionals to develop your ILS requirements and deliverables, providing integrated through life support services that seek to influence your product design early enough to realise the benefits, enhance equipment availability and develop cost-effective support solutions throughout the life of your product.

The AACE team exceeded expectations in the level of support provided, showing expert knowledge and experience of wider DE&S processes, coupled with a detailed understanding of the end-to-end acquisition cycle. The quality of their deliverables has ensured that the ILS team has hit all assurance milestones ahead of schedule

- AACE Customer Feedback

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