AACE has been accredited by LRQA to ISO 9001:2015 standards and has a team that can assist other SMEs with their transition



AACE is a world class provider of supply chain professionals.  We have a team with significant, hands on experience in developing and delivering, in a cost effective manner, complex support programmes in accordance with current policies.

Our range of deliverables includes:  forecast and requirements planning; ‘Assets in Industry’ management; ‘ABC’ inventory analysis; contingency stock assessment and disposal planning; initial provisioning and delivery management; ranging and scaling of spares; optimising the repairables loop; financial management of inventory and associated performance indicators, leading to inventory optimisation.

Our preference is to become embedded within the customers’ organisation, at their sites, with the aim of deepening our understanding of each customer’s needs and offering a totally integrated service.  Our aim is always to enhance both the effectiveness and efficiency of the customers’ supply chain management, thereby improving delivery metrics, raising operational availability and taking out wastage and costs.

AACE employs practised and adept support solution experts and supply chain managers able to develop and deliver dependable, high-integrity, logistic support solutions, optimising cost of ownership and supply chain management throughout the equipment life-cycle.


With our experienced team of subject matter experts, we are committed to helping public sector organisations, as well as manufacturers and service providers in aerospace and defence and other safety critical industries, to improve safety, effectiveness and efficiency, without sacrificing flexibility or limiting strategic advantage

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