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AACE was formed by Rick Hussey in 1996 to provide the UK Ministry of Defence with specialist airworthiness, system safety engineering, logistics and operational assurance support.

Building on these capabilities, AACE has achieved continual and steady growth to become one of the major support contractors to an ever increasing client base of MOD Project Teams and Industry partners.

Today, the company is still owned by the Hussey family and continues to promote the values and strong team ethos on which the company was founded. AACE places great value on every individual within its team, utilising their different and unique assets to deliver the high quality, bespoke product which we are proud to provide for our customers. We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, a view reinforced by our established reputation for delighting our clients.

We are a solution provider, delivered through the corporate and individual strengths of our people. Through being alongside our customers and constructive engagement, we work together to understand customer needs and to craft an affordable, timely and effective solution.

In the rare case where we do not have the specific skill sets and experience to offer a complete solution, then we find someone quickly who does, through our extensive network of trusted and loyal associates.  Our heritage and track record of supporting the defence and aerospace market gives us all the credentials to offer similar levels of support to any customer operating in a highly regulated or safety critical environment.

So please come to AACE with your requirements and we look forward to speaking with you, and working with you to define and deliver practical and effective solutions; we know that you will not be disappointed.

Managing Director

Nolan Collins-Bent

Nolan Collins-Bent joined AACE in July 2012, following a 31-year career steeped in aviation operations, support and acquisition in the Royal Air Force. Uniquely, he held 2 Project Team Leader appointments within the MOD, firstly for Puma and Gazelle helicopters and latterly for the MOD’s fleets of helicopter engines. He has comprehensive knowledge and experience in safety, airworthiness, compliance and project management within the Military Air Environment and has played a central part in MOD business process improvement projects, focused on operational availability and value for money.

As Operations Manager and a member of AACE’s Senior Leadership Team for the past 4 years, he has been the Company’s lead for these elements of the Company’s business. Nolan has been a chartered engineer for over 20 years and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and Chartered Management Institute.


Richard Tulloch

Richard Tulloch joined AACE in September 2009 after a full career as an aerospace engineer in the Royal Air Force covering Air ISTAR, fast jet and helicopter aircraft. He held senior appointments in multi-national aircraft programmes working closely with industry in delivering support solutions, new capabilities and resolving complex airworthiness problems. He received national and service awards for airworthiness and engineering/logistic excellence. More recently, he has been a board member of the West of England Aerospace Forum, where he utilised this knowledge and contacts in the MOD to foster closer links within the Small Manufacturing Enterprise community to explore future business opportunities.

As Operations Manager and chairman of the AACE Senior Leadership Team he has successfully won new business in the defence and civil aerospace sectors. Richard is a chartered engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Operations Manager & Chief Engineer

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor joined AACE in 2007 following a 25 year career in the Royal Air Force specialising in aircraft airworthiness, integrity management and logistic support. He has substantial experience of large, training, maritime and rotary-wing aircraft, including multinational programmes, working closely with industry to enhance systems performance.

Ian has used this extensively throughout the design and in-service phases to write policy for the management of maintenance and develop operational support arrangements for many different air platforms. Ian has been a Chartered Engineer since 1996 and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Business Development Director

Eion Bailey

Eion Bailey joined AACE in September 2016, following a 34 year career in Rolls-Royce. He held senior positions in strategy and business development in international markets with responsibility for implementing strategic plans, developing key relationships and securing innovative new business. He was a board member of the ADS Export Focus Group and the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce.

Eion is a Director on the AACE Group board where he leads all aspects of strategy and business development. This spans across the CRM portfolio from marketing, partnerships and winning new business in Defence and Industrial sectors. He has successfully secured business and developed relationships in these areas and has a unique experience and perspective having worked for a large corporate company, SME’s and as a consultant.

Commercial Manager

Matt Laverton

Matt Laverton joined AACE in 2009 following a 31 year career in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer branch of Army Aviation, specialising in aircraft engineering, technical support services and project management. He has substantial in-service and project team experience of rotary-wing platforms and ground mission support systems. More recently supporting the Chinook Project Team across various programmes and working closely with their industry partner to adhere to approved support solutions.

Whilst retaining his engineering and support background he now fulfils the role of AACE Commercial Manager, utilising his wealth of technical and project management experience in support of business growth and development. Matt is currently studying to attain IACCM Practitioner status.

Operations Director

Ron Ousby

Ron Ousby joined AACE as the Principal Safety Consultant in September 2015 after a 32-year Royal Air Force career as an Aerosystems engineering officer working in UK and overseas. He spent most of his early career working with fast jets and complex weapon systems and worked in Defence Intelligence, aircraft depth maintenance and strategic fleet management roles before his first tour at, what is now the, Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) HQ at MOD Abbey Wood. He followed that with roles managing complex weapon integration and large aircraft operations before focusing on systems safety and airworthiness. This ranged from training delivery to type certification and an extended period as the MOD’s airworthiness regulator within the Military Aviation Authority as it was established. He also produced policy and led the Army’s first Capability Management team for UK Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search capability.

On joining AACE, Ron was the Principal Safety Consultant seeking to further develop the complex system safety offering from AACE. He provided safety support to MOD’s Merlin and Puma teams, and was the Chief Engineer for the Sentry Capability Sustainment Programme in its early stages. More widely, he has supported the development of the new AACE Group business model and continued to provide assurance of safety, airworthiness and compliance deliverables. From March 2015, Ron became the Operations Director for the AACE Group and is now responsible for delivering the outputs from AACE and Allyance to meet the customers’ requirements, whilst supporting the development of new business and attracting new Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel to support the AACE group growth aspirations. He is a chartered engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and Chartered Management Institute.

With our experienced team of subject matter experts, we are committed to helping public sector organisations, as well as manufacturers and service providers in aerospace and defence and other safety critical industries, to improve safety, effectiveness and efficiency, without sacrificing flexibility or limiting strategic advantage

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