Safety, Airworthiness and Compliance are in the DNA of AACE.  We have subject matter experts, with many years of ‘real life’ experience as operators, maintainers and regulators, across many platform and equipment types.  All our employees are trained in Human Factors and Error Management. Our services are provided in an informed, authoritative and un-biased manner, as we are OEM-independent.

In terms of Safety Engineering, we have delivered projects that include: safety assessment/case generation; hazard identification and analysis; production of Hazard Logs and drafting As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) arguments for Duty Holders.

In the field of Airworthiness, our experts are completely familiar with both Military Aviation Authority and European Aviation Safety Agency regulations.   Our core deliverables include: authoring, assessment and implementation of compliance against standards; production of policies and strategies for airworthiness, certification and integrity, and development of certification processes, with training delivery also being provided in this area.

With respect to Compliance, AACE has enabled organisations to design, implement and audit tailored safety, quality and other regulatory compliance management systems (such as Defence Standard 00-970 assessment).  All of these services have been honed in the extremely demanding environment of military aircraft operations.  They are equally applicable to any safety critical or highly regulated domain, both civil and military and they are provided very cost effectively by AACE’s proven and highly respected team of subject matter experts.

The service provided was excellent driven by the lead engineer, who's dedication to the task and thoroughness in its execution was outstanding.

- CQA Eng Mgr, Chinook Project Team

With our experienced team of subject matter experts, we are committed to helping public sector organisations, as well as manufacturers and service providers in aerospace and defence and other safety critical industries, to improve safety, effectiveness and efficiency, without sacrificing flexibility or limiting strategic advantage

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