AACE were tasked to provide a comprehensive ILS planning package to a UK MOD DE&S Delivery Team in support of a new Air System acquisition programme to sustain an existing capability. The acquisition utilised the US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) government-to-government co-operation channel.


The AACE ILS SME Team liaised with UK and US stakeholders to develop a common taxonomy and understanding to constructively assess and develop the US logistics offering for UK use. This informed the production of the UK Defence Standard logistics strategies and implementation plans, ensuring Logistics process compliance with UK MOD Governing Policy and Regulation or developing propositions of alternative acceptable means of compliance.

This was the first use of the FMS channel for this particular Air System type and was consequently challenging for the US government supplier and the UK MOD customer.


AACE used a team experienced in ILS to develop and document a suite of 28 logistics strategies and plans covering the requirements of the Support Solutions Envelope Key Support Areas 1 to 4 (Logistics Support and Sustainability, Supportability Engineering, Supply Chain Management and Logistic Information). The Support Solutions Development Tool (SSDT) was used to manage evidence towards the customer’s programme goals and assurance requirements.

In addition, the AACE team were able to flexibly support the MOD DT in their project, risk, and information management effort, and assist with supply support modelling and DLoD capability integration tasks.

The AACE Team has positively progressed the solutions across the whole logistics landscape for the capability, detected risks and opportunities within the FMS proposal and has enabled ILS optimisation that will influence the Final Business Case assurance. This foundation will provide momentum to the next phase of the capability acquisition and the Air System transition into Service.


Key Deliverables

Issues Faced

“Thoroughly professional and experienced, seamlessly embedding themselves within the DE&S construct from day one”. “… the team exceeded expectations in the level of support provided ….the quality of deliverables has ensured that the ILS team has hit all assurance milestones ahead of schedule.” “I would highly recommend the team for their professionalism, diligence, experience and can-do approach.”    

- DE&S ILS Manager

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