AACE were engaged through the original equipment manufacturer to provide Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) programme management and produce ILS task outputs for the upgrade of a vehicle mounted sensor system.


AACE were tasked to tailor and develop a range of ILS activities as the original ILS Programme did not meet the MOD requirements. AACE were able to develop the required ILS outputs and utilise their processing capability to produce the required information for the equipment publications and project plans.


Safety Case

Logs Demo Plan

Maintenance Task Analysis

R&M Plan

Disposal Management Plan

Maintenance Plan

Tech Docs Management Plan

Full suite of AESPs

Obsolescence Management Plan

Configuration Management Plan

Integrated Support Plan

 AACE has demonstrable experience developing Through Life Support (TLS) programmes in the Land and Air environments and can assist companies in developing defence programme requirements and support the delivery of integrated support tasks in the land, air and maritime domains by delivering all of the elements of ILS and Integrated Product Support (IPS).

The team allocated to this project were great and I look forward to working with them again in the future. The end customer has recently informed AACE that we have been selected to support the ILS of the system through-life using a post design services contract.

- AACE Customer Feedback

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