AACE were contracted to provide a range of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS products) and training necessary to deliver the new MK 15 Cooler Rig purchased by the RAF for their large aircraft fleet.


The creation of military standard RAF Technical Publications including operator and maintenance manuals, maintenance schedules and parts catalogues.

The review of the existing Cooler Rig Safety and Environmental Case as the basis for update and amendment to meet current regulations and standards.

The creation and production of Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) compliant Operator and Maintainer training packages.

NATO Codification of the main equipment.


A full suite of Technical Publications and a Safety and Environmental Case Report (SECR) were produced for the client and accepted by the MOD Equipment Delivery Team during the equipment trials. During the initial equipment trials the DSAT compliant training packages for both Operator and Maintainer training were delivered and accepted. Each package contained the training presentation, course syllabus including identification of all Key Learning Points (KLPs), Instructor Specification (ISpec/Lesson Plan), Assessment Specification (ASpec), Assessment Test and practical assessment papers, training feedback forms and Delegates Course Workbook.  The SECR was also produced to an MOD format and was accepted by the client with suitable warnings and cautions incorporated into the publications.

AACE provided positive and pragmatic input throughout  

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