AACE were engaged by an international company as their principal Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) consultancy experts to assist with the development of a system they were designing, manufacturing and certifying for an aircraft manufacturer.  The customer had initially focussed on engineering requirements rather than the wider integrated support requirements.  AACE worked directly with the company’s design and engineering team to understand and develop the ILS requirements of the programme.


AACE reviewed the reliability model and wrote the vast majority of the ILS Plan (ILSP) for the product.  AACE also advised on the system support options for various customers, giving the company a range of alternatives from traditional Contractor Logistic Support (CLS), through to Contracting for Availability (CFA) encompassing engineering maintenance, supply support, training and Post Design Services (PDS) including technical publication generation and support.  AACE also represented the company in ILS meetings with the aircraft manufacturer.

AACE wrote the requirement specification to allow in-country sub-contractors to bid for through life system support.  This included engineering and logistic support integrated with the services of the UK based design organization.  AACE then assisted the company to assess the competency of the prospective support organizations.

AACE also reviewed the system fault tree following a potentially significant specification change by the end customer.  The results of this analysis incorporated the changes and allowed evaluation to determine if a reassessment of the reliability analysis was required.  During this work, AACE deployed three ILS specialists to cover the wide-ranging work strands.


ILS Programme Plan

Ground Support Equipment Plan

Environmental and Health Hazardous Materials Plan used for maintenance

Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T) – Final Report

Maintainability and logistic support cost data – Preliminary Report Review

Supply Support Plan including spares recommendation

Documentation for Aircraft Level Test

Reliability and Maintainability analysis

Documentation for Workshop Level Test

Obsolescence Management Plan

Facilities Plan

System safety strategy

Technical Publications Plan

Quality Plan review

Configuration Management Plan

Contract commercial annex review

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My sincere gratitude for all the support, time and effort you have expended with the team. The support you have provided us has made a real difference in helping us address our ongoing Support Solution Development

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